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When we speak of love, we often think of romantic relationships,
family bonds, or friendships. There is another way
– self-giving love. It involves actively giving of oneself for
the benefit of others, without expecting anything in return.
In our modern world, self-giving love is needed more than
ever. Amidst global challenges, divisive politics, and personal
struggles, acts of kindness, empathy, and sacrifice
can make a significant impact.

Self-giving love becomes crucial as we navigate an election
as it can be an emotionally charged season, with
differing opinions, heated debates, and heightened tensions.
Remember, self-giving love is not about suppressing
your opinions. It is about expressing them with kindness
and understanding. I urge you to engage with empathy
in conversations with others, especially those who hold
opposing views. Remember that everyone has their own
reasons for their beliefs.

Amidst political debates, it is easy to focus on what’s
wrong. Let us cultivate gratitude by appreciating the
democratic process itself, the privilege of voting, the freedom
of expression, and the opportunity to shape the future
of our country. By practicing these principles, we
contribute positively to the collective well-being during
this critical time.

As we navigate our complex world, let us embrace this
transformative love, one that heals, connects, and uplifts.
May our actions echo the self-giving love exemplified by
Christ, leaving a lasting impact on those around us.



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