Credit: Glen Bradshaw, Definitive Light Photography.

Christ is Risen!

The Easter Season continues until Pentecost (20 May) – hence the greeting.

If we were asked: “who are the people who follow the Resurrected Lord?” We might respond with answers like “the Church“, “the children of God“, “brothers and sisters in Christ” and so on. Luke might answer: “(We) are witnesses!” I’m guessing that we don’t usually identify ourselves as “witnesses” but that is what we are. Jesus said: “You are witnesses” (Luke 24:48).

If we remember that “martyr” derives from the Greek word for “witness” we might even be reluctant to identify as witnesses. Martyrs suffer, and even die, for their witness. Christ’s resurrection has changed the world. It will change us too! The Crucified and Resurrected Lord presents us with the ultimate reality of who God is and what God is doing. It confronts us with this truth: “since we are God’s good creation we are not free to choose our own stories[1]. Our acceptable worship is to say “Our Father, Your Kingdom come, your will be done we accept God’s plan for creation, and for our own lives, we will be your witnesses!


God Bless, Sean

[1] I picked up this quote from Stanley Hauerwas (“Preaching As Though We Had Enemies”) on Dr Dion Forster’s Blog:


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