Confirmation Testimony Evening – 9th September 2015

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Confirmation Testimony Evening – a time of sharing by our confirmands

The Confirmation Testimony evening, held Wednesday, the 9th of September, was one of the key points of the journey of the Confirmation group of 2015. This was an evening where they could get up to share about their journey through the discipleship program and how their faith has grown. It is always a highlight in the DMC calendar, and was well supported by family members, mentors and members of the congregation.



Each confirmand had an opportunity to stand up and testify, after being introduced to the congregation by their mentor. The testimonies by these young people, were dynamic, refreshing, authentic and gave each person who heard their story, encouragement. The fire that these young people have for Christ and to serve him, is such a powerful reminder of the grace and love of God for each and every single one of us. This is a group that is ready to embrace our purpose statement – “Grow a family aflame, sharing God’s love with all”.


The testimony evening is always a highlight for me as it is a time where we as the congregation can hear where God has been at work in these young people’s lives as well as their mentors. Hearing someone’s testimony always reignites the flame that burns within each one of us and encourages us to keep investing in our young people and to remain aflame in Christ through His Holy Spirit.

The challenging part of this service is for the young people to discern where it is that God is calling them to share God’s love with all.  I look forward to seeing where these young people and their mentors get involved within the life of DMC. Some of them have slotted into the worship and media team, others are assisting with Sunday school. – Taryn Minnie, Youth Pastor

Scenes from the Testimony Evening

Photo credit: Glen & Rochelle Bradshaw