Confirmation Service 2015

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Confirmation 2015


What a blessing it has been to journey alongside this amazing group of men and women. It was really encouraging to see that not only was this our largest group of confirmands since 2011, but that these are the first group to have come through the ranks of DMC from Sunday school, Junior Youth, Senior Youth and now Confirmation. This is encouraging for me because it is evident that God is moving in these young people’s lives and that DMC has become a home or a family for them, a place where they feel safe enough to stay, learn and grow within their faith. Our family is definitely growing in faith and numbers after confirming all fifteen teenagers.


We have also been blessed this year with a large number of new mentors. Being a mentor is such a privilege and an honour and I love to see how the more mature in their faith are investing in the lives of our young people. I strongly believe in the discipleship model that Jesus taught us through his journeying with his disciples and I believe that this is why this mentorship program works so well. This program allows for the spiritual growth of both confirmand and mentor and a strong relationship is built between the two. There is more room for questions to be asked and answered. This part of the program really allows the confirmands to experience a sense of family if they have not yet had the opportunity to do so. This is often a bond that cannot be broken and continues long after the program is over.

The responsibility of Discipleship

I am always reminded of the responsibility of the family of DMC towards these young people when it comes to the confirmation Sunday Service. Not only do these young people commit to being responsible for their own spiritual growth, but we as the members of DMC also make a commitment to assure that we assist them and help them to stay on the right path. I guess it’s easier for us to say. “Where are the young people and why aren’t they here anymore?”

My challengeConfirmation to the family of DMC is to take those commitments we ALL made seriously and to assist the parents, mentors, Sunday school and youth leadership to hold these young people accountable. Let’s support and encourage them rather than break them down.

If you notice they are not there, why not give them a call and tell them you miss them. Young people love to feel valued and noticed and this cannot only be the responsibility of the youth pastor. This is why we all make that commitment on the Sunday as the family need to stand together in order to assist keeping these young people aflame and passionate about growing in their faith and within this family. Please help me to continue praying for these amazing young people.

by Taryn Minnie – Youth Pastor



Scenes from the Confirmation Service

Photo credit: Glen Bradshaw