Minister’s Note 25th September 2016

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Credit: Glen Bradshaw, Definitive Light Photography.
Credit: Glen Bradshaw, Definitive Light Photography.

This weekend I am attending the ‘Emmaus Walk’ – a three-day retreat that many of DMC’s members have found very meaningful. In Luke’s Gospel (24:13ff) two downhearted disciples, traumatised by the crucifixion of Christ, unknowingly encountered Jesus on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. After telling him of their grief and shattered hopes Jesus said “How foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe” (Lk. 24:25).

He then explained the scriptures and the necessity of the Messiah’s suffering. On reaching Emmaus they insisted that Jesus come to their home. When he broke bread their eyes were opened and they recognized the risen Lord. “Were not our hearts burning within us when he was talking to us?”, they said, before racing back to Jerusalem with the Good News. It is when we come to this true knowledge of Jesus that our lives are changed.

Please join me in praying that eyes would be opened in our schools and universities for true knowledge – knowing Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

God Bless, Sean