Minister’s Note 27 August 2017

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With thanks to my colleague Angus Kelly – for whom writing like a doctor comes naturally

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Rom. 12.2).


I often hear people say “life is hectic”; they feel hurried and harried. I sometimes feel the same way. Many of us live hurried lives. Yet we find the natural harmony of Jesus’ life so compelling! He had time to listen, wasn’t obliged to please, was never rushed and yet his life was eternally fruitful.


The ‘pattern of this world’ “it seems, just constantly harasses us and distracts us from the purposes that in our heart of hearts we feel we should be fulfilling.”[1]We feel driven to: be busy and be productive, get going on all the things we’ve promised to do, clean, fix and tidy up our possessions … [and] to participate in the frenzied quest for physical attractiveness.”[2]

Tragically when we are “addicted to hurry” we fail to see clearly, listen carefully, think deeply and to savour life fully.[3]


Does that sound familiar? Perhaps we are “addicted to hurry”? I’m sure we know and love people who are. Starting next Sunday we begin a 4-week series “Rescheduling Hectic & Finding Harmony”.[4] By learning from Christ and the wisdom of Scripture, we’ll be offered a path out of hectic and into abundant life. Let’s make Spring a time of “Soul Cleaning” and commit to worshiping and learning together each week of September.


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