Minister’s Note 24th September 2017

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do not worry about your life”

strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness

(Mt. 6:25, 6:33)


Lilies in the Field (C.f. Mt 6.28) Credit: Glen Bradshaw, Definitive Light Photography.

Over the past few weeks we’ve engaged in a “spring cleaning of the heart“. We’ve sought to re-order our sometimes hectic, busy lives. We aim to live in harmony with Jesus’ command not to worry but to rather seek first the Kingdom of God.


Dallas Willard writes: “those who understand Jesus and his Father know that provision has been made for them. Their confidence has been confirmed by their experience. Though they work, they do not worry about things “on earth.” Instead, they are always ‘seeking first the kingdom.’ That is, they place top priority on identifying and involving themselves in what God is doing and in the kind of rightness [dikaiosune] he has.”[1]

The first step in “seeking” the Kingdom of God is to identify what God is doing. The sincere testimonies of our confirmands on Monday left us in no doubt that God is at work in their lives. Today we celebrate their “confirmation” as Christ-followers. We also celebrate Rev. Vuyelwa Ntshinga-Yawa’s recent ordination and the blessing of her ministry to us. We involve ourselves in God’s work, on Sunday, through worship and fellowship.


In what other ways is God at work where you are?


God Bless,


[1] Willard, Dallas. The Divine Conspiracy (p. 212). HarperCollins.