Minister’s Note 14 January 2018.

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I am no longer my own, but yours” (Covenant Prayer)


Many of us start the New Year with “resolutions“– to pass exams, to find a job, to get more sleep, to exercise and so on. New Year’s “resolutions” show a readiness to believe that new things can happen; we are willing to grow and to change. It makes sense, therefore, that early in the year we celebrate a Covenant Service. This is our most important “resolution” – our recommitment to following Jesus. It shows that we believe God has not let go of us nor given up on making us a “new creation”.


Sometimes we become weary as Christ followers. We lose focus. We neglect what is most important. Life’s surprises disorientate us. Our prayer life wanes or our scripture reading stutters or our acts of service dry up. There is Good News! Jesus forgives us, restores us and invites us to receive the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit. In the Covenant Prayer (two versions are attached in the bulletin) we say “Yes” to Jesus, to Life, and to Love.


May I ask that you do two things in preparation for next week’s Covenant Service: (1) Read the Covenant Prayer (you can find the prayer and information about the service here), sharing with God any hopes or fears it evokes. (2) Invite a friend  who you’ve not seen in worship recently. It could well be the most life-giving gift they ever receive.


God Bless,