The Bible provides a model of church where people grow, are cared for and reach out to others in small groups that meet in people’s homes. It is impossible for the Pastor to personally care for, motivate and train over 850 people!

We believe you will grow in relationships, be equipped and trained, be cared for and matured in your faith in these groups.


Through cells we seek to:

  • Love God through worship and obedience
  • Love one another through ministry and edification
  • Love those outside through our lifestyle and cell planting
  • Make Jesus the centre
  • Live as a community
  • Make prayer a priority
  • Be accountable to each other
  • Express and grow individual gifts in the group
  • Conduct an intentional discipleship programme
  • Reach out to both the needy and the lost

Please seriously consider joining a cell, we currently have 25 groups that meet on different days, at different times for people at different life stages and needs.

Groups run for 1 ½ to 2 hours

If you would like to join a group please contact Sean or Londiwe at the office at 021 976 0898