Presently our main Evangelism focus is Alpha.   This is a course which utilizes talks on the basics of Christianity, what we believe and why we believe it. These talks are presented in the form of a DVD presentation.   We meet once a week for a meal, watch the DVD which is then followed by a discussion time in which questions can be asked. We also have a weekend away – a highlight of the course





  • Volunteers needed – group leaders, assistant leaders, administrators, worship leaders, prayer warriors, evangelists
  • A team to cook and serve the meals – (this is usually done by various cell groups)


Time commitment

About 2-3 hours per session


Skills and Talents

Those on the Alpha Team should:

  • Be committed Christians
  • Be Outgoing & Evangelistic
  • Have a reasonable Biblical knowledge (if leading a group)
  • Have marketing experience
  • Have administrative & secretarial skills (if doing Alpha Admin.)
  • Have the gift of prayer
  • To be an Alpha Team leader you need to have done the course.
  • Have Cooking experience (if preparing meals) – although the meals are simple to prepare.