Our 10 days of prayer have begun!

Remember that DMC’s day is on Thursday 28 May. You can still sign up here: https://signup.com/go/rXShAZy

Here are all the links you need for this year’s 10 Days of Prayer:

Video link to guide you through your hour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg9ZYflAxnI

* Follow the input – there are questions to guide your prayer
* Press pause when prompted on screen to do so – pray for 5 minutes (or more)
* Once you’re done click PLAY to continue.

The following resources are also available for you:
(1) Printable guidelines (should you prefer these – but not necessary): https://bit.ly/2AMp21J
(2) Kiddies’ activities: https://bit.ly/2Xkltrk
(3) Kiddies guidelines: https://bit.ly/2LHW19s