The role of the Education & Discipleship Commission is founded in  a core values of DMC which states that we continuously seek to become like Jesus Christ as we learn about, model ourselves on, and better understand Him through the Bible.

The ultimate life goal of every believer should be to follow  Jesus and be transformed into a mature disciple, resembling the character of Jesus, glorifying God through the Holy Spirit!

Our objective is therefore to help and enable individual members of our church, groups, and the congregation as a whole, to grow spiritually by identifying, guiding, facilitating and teaching from educational  material, programs, and study guides which can be used in that journey.

The Holy Bible, as the true, complete and only Word of God, is the primary focal point of our study, learning, and teaching. This is supported by additional study material from authentic writers, publishers, and recognised scholars, providing an opportunity to discover the wealth and depth of the Word and its application in today’s world and in our personal lives.

The key to achieving the objectives of becoming a disciple of Jesus is personal learning and growth. This is facilitated through preaching the Word of God during Sunday Worship Services, learning from each other during weekly cell- or small group discussions, and in-depth studies of selected themes and study material, from time-to-time.

Structured campaigns, quarterly/mini-series and focused studies of a selection of the Word on an annual basis, complete the building blocks of spiritual learning and growth in DMC.


The Commission meets once a quarter.


Keep an eye on the notices for new courses and studies to join.



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Time commitment

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Skills and Talents

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