Minister’s Note 13 March 2016

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fadedcrosstanOn Thursday, along with many Methodists, I dressed in black and pinned a little black badge to my shirt, which says “towards a world without rape and violence”. Black is the colour of mourning; I was more aware than usual of the unbearable grief of those whose lives have been shattered by violence. We know the names of Franziska and Sinoxolo. God remembers the name of every child and woman robbed of life; their blood cries out from the earth (Gen. 4:10b).

Black is the colour of repentance. Is it an unrealistic dream to pray for the day when everything stops: no traffic, no commerce, no phone calls, no protests, no shouting, no accusations, just the sound of weeping- an entire nation crying out to God for mercy? That may be fantasy. But this is true: there was a day when heaven came to a standstill. God’s Son cried out in agony. His blood mingled with all the blood that cries out to God from the earth.

We’ve named that day Good Friday. Good because God shares the unbearable grief of every shattered life. Good because on the Third Day, God answered the call of all who cry out for mercy. Jesus Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! He will come again to judge the living and the dead.

God Bless, Sean