Our Purpose as Durbanville Methodist Church

The church has gone through a long period of visioning and discerning what the purpose of Durbanville Methodist Church is.

At the end of the process, the vision of the church was summed up in the following purpose statement:

“Growing a family aflame, sharing God’s love with all!”

To help us achieve this purpose, we have the following vision:


Our vision

Durbanville Methodist Church is a church that is committed to “Growing a family aflame, sharing God’s love with all.

We are focused on the following 3 areas that will lead us to be effective in our purpose:


Growing in Prayer, Growing Community and Growing Disciples

Growing in Prayer – we aim to develop a culture of prayer through teaching, scheduling prayer meetings, corporate prayer in worship and building our group of intercessors.

Growing in Community – to become a family “aflame”, we need to focus on building our community as a family and build relationships with each other. In order to do this, our Hospitality commission, Cell groups, Sunday school, Youth Groups, Fellowship groups and opportunities for church members to spend time together and get to know each other are vital.

Growing Disciples – we are all called to learn from and follow Jesus in our homes, schools and places of work. In order to facilitate this, there will be various courses offered in the year to go deeper in faith. These include such course as Alpha and Disciple. There will also be various series focused on practicing the Spiritual Disciplines as well as various opportunities of service, which are facilitated by our Commissions.

Our purpose is underwritten by our core values.


Core Values

As DMC we:

  • Worship God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son in the power of His Holy Spirit. We celebrate the death and Resurrection of Jesus who alone is our salvation.
  • Actively seek to become more like Jesus Christ as we learn about, model ourselves on, and better understand Him through the Bible.
  • Offer a place where we welcome all to join in sharing our journey of faith, as we build relationships through worship, small groups, prayer and the study of God’s word.
  • Understand that we are called to reach our communities with the good news of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ through our love and care in word and action.
  • Hold ourselves accountable to be generous and trustworthy stewards of all God has given us, for the good of His Kingdom, our world and all creation.


A combined Communion service