Dear Members and Friends of Durbanville Methodist Church,

Our favourite Psalm declares “The Lord is my Shepherd, He gives me everything I need”. Jesus tells us “Do not worry” because the Heavenly Father knows what we need (Mt. 6:25, 32). But this year has surely tempted us to worry. We have often found ourselves to be anxious. Retrenchments and pay cuts have been common. Many people are now having to assist family members who were previously independent.

Given the circumstances we might have imagined that in this annual “Pledge Giving” letter we’d be saying something like “we know times are tight but please do not neglect your tithing”. Once again God has amazed us. We write to say thank you! We give praise and thanks to God for all of you who have given so generously and sacrificially. Thus far, DMC has managed to pay our staff, meet our Circuit Assessment and cover our expenses. Not only does this sustain our ministry at DMC, it is also of great benefit to the broader Circuit (DMC contributes roughly 40% of the funds required to sustain four ordained ministers and one
probationer in our Circuit).

Our treasurer, Mr Athol Beeforth, and his team are of course ensuring that we operate as leanly and prudently as possible. They were also able to ensure that DMC received 2 months of “UIF COVID 19 TERS PAYMENTS” to assist with staff salaries (and they hope to receive an additional months’ payment).

In last year’s “Pledge Giving” letter I shared this quote: “when we give, it’s Christ who gives. As we think about ourselves as givers, there’s something to rejoice about. We are instruments in God’s hand, and we give to delight others”i. Those words seem even more pertinent this year – in a time of struggle our givers have given the body of Christ delight.

If you are not yet a pledge giver (pledge giving information enclosed) I encourage you prayerfully consider signing up. In times of abundance the discipline of “tithing” enables us to keep our treasure rightly placed (Lk. 12:34). In lean times the discipline strangles anxiety; we boldly declare that we trust in our Heavenly Father, the “maker of heaven and earth”!

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Sean McGuigan


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