Durbanville Methodist Church is a society that forms part of the Cape Gateway Circuit, which in turn is a part of the Cape of Good Hope District.

The other societies in our Circuit are Windsor Park, Brackenfell, Scottsville, Scotsdene, Wallacedene, Phisantekraal and Bloekombos.

Our Circuit Superintendent is Rev. Mervin William and our District Bishop is Michel Hansrod.


Management Structure

The management structure of the church consists of the Church Executive & the Church Council.

The Church Executive consists of the Pastoral staff and the Society Stewards.

Society Stewards are elected by the congregation and serve a term of 3 years, which can be renewed for another term. They meet once a month with the Minister to pray, fellowship and discuss the ongoing management of the church.

The Church Council consists of all leaders of the church; pastoral staff, society stewards, commissioners, cell group leaders, fellowship group leaders and other leaders.

Each ministry in the church is facilitated by a co-ordinator called a “Commissioner”. Together with a team of church members, they ensure that the ministry of the church goes forward. Each Commissioner is partnered with a Society Steward for accountability and support.

Council Meetings are held once a quarter.

An Annual General Meeting, which is open to all church members, is held once a year.


Office Structure

The hub of DMC is without a doubt the Office. Without the behind-the-scenes work of Yvonne, Sandra, Jeffery and Caroline, the church would not be the smooth running machine that it is.

Please contact the Office if you would like to:

  • book a wedding
  • plan a baptism,
  • request hospital visitation or a home visit
  • request prayer
  • book an appointment with one of the pastoral staff
  • or if you have any other kind of query

Our friendly office staff will gladly assist you wherever possible.

Contact the office