Sunday School Superintendent: Morag Venter

Sunday School and Sunday Youth meet each Sunday during the school term from 9h00-10h00.

Different teachers cater for the needs of the children from Pre-school right up to High School in various venues in the church building.

Our aim is to teach the Scriptures in such a way that those who attend will realise that the Bible is not an out-dated book, but a living word through which God communicates his love for them. We encourage them to share what they have learnt with their family and friends so the children, too, can play a part in fulfilling DMC’s mission statement of ‘sharing God’s love with all’.

We trust that we are laying the foundation stones for lives lived in fellowship with God and with his people. And it is for this reason that we participate in the worship service from time to time, for instance during the Lord’s Supper.

But in all this, we also celebrate the fact that God created laughter and fun and the teachers go out of their way to provide games, competitions and other activities so that Sunday School is also fun.

New helpers and learners are always welcome.

For more information, please contact Morag by clicking here or contact the church office on or 021 976 0598