This commission has many different facets and there are many areas where you can get involved.


Prayer Ministry

Praying for God to be glorified in our Church, our community, our country and around the world.



  • Prayer Groups –  meeting to pray before each service on a Sunday
  • Praying for people in the congregation when a request comes through via sms
  • Helping with prayer vigils.



 Time commitment

  • 8 am, 9:30 am and 6:30 pm before the services
  • In own time


Skills and Talents

Those who want to see God magnified in, through and around them




Music Ministry

Using your vocal / instrumental ability to enhance the worship at the Sunday Services.



  • Singing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Playing the Organ


 Time commitment

  • 8 am or 9:30 am or 6:30 pm according to a roster, at the church
  • Thursday evening practices (7 – 9 pm) for 9:30 am service, 4 – 6 pm practice on Sunday afternoons for 6:30 pm service.



Skills and Talents

  •  Be able to sing or
  • Be able to play an instrument or both



Sound & Data Ministry

Using the audio/visual equipment to enhance the worship during the Sunday Services.



Sound Duty: – To make sure that the band and all sound equipment is set up. To ensure the “audio” aspect of the service can be heard and is pleasant to the hearer.


Data Duty: – To put the right slide up on the screen at the right time, as well as any other visual presentation (video/DVD)


Time commitment

  • 8 am or 9:30 am or 6:30 pm according to a roster, at the church
  • Practice Time: 7 – 9 pm for the Sunday Morning Service on a Thursday at the Church. Sunday Evening Service 4 – 6 pm practice time



Skills and Talents

Sound Duty:   Anyone who has an interest in sound and is willing to learn.

Data Duty:     Anyone who is interested in helping out and is willing to learn.




Help Desk, Flower Arranging, Banners & Visual Display Ministry

Using acts of practical and creative service to enhance the worship of Durbanville Methodist Church.



Help Desk: Sitting at the front desk on a Sunday, taking notes and helping with queries.

Flower Arranging: To purchase and arrange the flowers in the front of the church on a Sunday.

Banners: The making of banners when needed.

Transport:  To help with transport when needed.

Visual Displays: Organise and arrange visual displays in the church when needed


Time commitment

Help Desk Times: 08h00 or 09h30 or 18h30 on Sundays

Flower Arranging – Any time before the Sunday Service

Banners, Transport, Visual Displays – When needed



Skills and Talents

Help Desk:              Welcome, openness, friendliness and helpfulness

Flowers:                 Ability to arrange flowers

Banners:                 Creative talent and artistic ability

Transport:               Able to drive a car.

Visual Displays:      Creative abilities to put together displays