Minister’s Note 5 February 2017

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In Worship on Sunday (5th February) in the Covenant Prayer we will say: “I realise that I belong to you”. As Paul puts it: “You are not your own; you were bought at a price” (1 Co 6:19b–20a). Last week’s lesson from the Beatitudes (Mt. 5:1-13) was perfect preparation for these words of surrender.

Take a moment to go through the prayer (copied below) and imagine the Kingdom of Heaven enveloping every single situation of your life. The Heavenly Father is able to bring blessing to even the most horrible situations. To live the Covenant Prayer is to live with Psalm 23 as a daily reality! Friends, a community who live like that will be salt for a wounded earth and light for a dark world (Mt. 5:13ff).

God Bless, Sean

(More on the Covenant Prayer can be found here)


I realise that I belong to you, God

so show me what you want me to do

whether it means I become important or not.

In everything I do or have to endure,

when I work and when I have nothing to do,

when I am successful and when I fail,

when I am full of joy and when I am sad,

when life is going well and when things are in a mess,

I willingly offer myself and everything I have to serve you

-wherever you want to use me.

I am your child and you are my Father.

May it be so for ever and ever.

I am promising this, but it is only with your powerful help that I shall be able to keep this promise.

Amen [1]


[1] Covenant Prayer as adapted by Morag Venter