Minister’s Note. Palm Sunday 2019

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Twenty-five years ago, on Palm Sunday, the recently completed buildings of the Durbanville Methodist Church were dedicated in a service of worship. This memory helps us join the crowd who accompanied Jesus into Jerusalem, praising God for all the miracles they’d seen (Lk. 19:37). We too sing praises in our Palm Sunday procession, thanking Jesus for His faithfulness to all who worked for this Sanctuary.

We are like that crowd in other ways too. We believe Jesus is God’s chosen King. We rejoice in all he has done. We expect him to take his throne and lead us in God’s way. And, even though we know how the story unfolds, we too find the way Jesus becomes King completely unexpected! Death by crucifixion; betrayed, abandoned, battered, and naked. That’s a coronation no-one expects.

Luke tells us how, when Jesus saw the city, he wept over it (Lk. 22:41). As Bishop Gribble (preaching from the Palm Sunday Psalm) reminded DMC a quarter century ago, Jesus is “The stone the builders rejected ….the cornerstone” (Ps 118:22). Yes, Jesus is DMC’s cornerstone!

From loud hosanna’s to tears of compassion. It is the way of Christ, the way of the cross, the true character of DMC’s cornerstone.

God Bless,


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