Rev Sean McGuigan


I’m a follower of Jesus, husband to Sarah-Jane, father to Grace and Benjamin and pastor to the people of Durbanville Methodist Church (DMC).

I was first made aware of Jesus’ call to follow him at a Methodist Sunday School class in 1980. It took a long time for me to work out what it meant to follow Jesus, in fact, I am still learning. But, in my mid-twenties I experienced God’s grace in a powerful way and realized that I would need to make Jesus, and the God he makes known, the very centre of my life. Almost overnight I prioritised Sunday worship, scripture reading, prayer and fasting.

I have found in Wesleyan Spirituality a wonderfully balanced and practical way of living out the Christian faith because it holds central God’s self-revelation in the bible, encourages me to think critically about how we understand scripture and our world, challenges me to show compassion to the suffering and emphasizes the disciplines of worship, prayer, fasting and study. It is no secret that I am a terrible singer but I am a fan of Charles Wesley’s hymns– “And can it be” is one of my favourite.

Since I candidated for the Methodist ministry we have experienced life in South Africa from very different perspectives. We lived for a year in Tigane, a poverty-stricken township in the North West province and saw first-hand the suffering of those who struggle on the margins of society. We then spent a year in Pretoria so that I could attend Seminary (John Wesley College). I received no income during this year, and the budget we drew up looked impossible to balance, yet God provided for all our needs.

Before accepting the invitation to minister here in DMC I spent five years ministering in “Sweet Matat”. There the people of Matatiele and Cedarville taught me about pastoring. I was blessed to see the grace of God at work in the lives of ordinary men, women and children.

My dream for DMC is that together we would learn how to joyfully live out God’s purpose for us- a purpose we’ve expressed as “Growing a Family Aflame Sharing God’s Love with All.”

I passionately enjoy all forms of kayaking from paddling in marathons to exploring white-water canyons. Inevitably I try and organize family holidays near some or other body of water. Since moving to the Cape I’ve taken up surf-ski paddling which I have found both exhilarating and terrifying. I particularly enjoy the competitive aspect of kayaking; I like to train hard and race fast!

I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends and am looking forward to making new friends here in Durbanville.

    Rev. Vuleywa Ntshinga


    I am the youngest daughter of the late Rev Vein Ntshinga and Mrs Clara Ntshinga, born in Pretoria.

    I grew up having a keen interest in the natural sciences. As a result I qualified as a professional natural scientist, having studied B.Sc. Hons and M.Eng. Sc. (waste management) at the universities of Zululand, Cape Town and New South Wales. I have served as both an environmental manager and consultant in various sectors.

    My daughter, Lethu, is studying Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University.

    Whilst I was happily growing in my profession, I was overwhelmed by the sense of God’s call to the ministry. I offered for ministry as a part-time minister and served in the Dumisani and Bellville Circuits. The call has been joyfully compelling so much that I am now in full time ministry, serving Gateway and Windsor Park Societies.

    As I have walked with God in life and ministry I have grown to appreciate that every life is a gift of God, and because He loves and cares for us all, I must do the same.

      Charles Egan

      Worship Pastor

      My full name is Arthur Charles Egan – but I prefer to be called Charles or Charlie.

      I have a Diploma and Bcom Degree in Financial Accounting. I am also an entrepreneur (I do invigilation, house-sitting, accounting services). Finally, I run a Non-Profit organisation called “Paid in Full”, where we work with worship teams in order to Build, Train, Equip and Release them to serve.

      I have attended DMC on and off for the last few years, and became a member in August 2011. Over the years I have been asked to play with the worship team (primarily for the 18h30 service), and the odd 09h30 service. In October 2012, I started serving in the worship team on a more regular basis. The first of May 2013 I became a part of the DMC Pastoral Staff, as the part-time Worship Pastor.

      It’s great to work with each of the staff members at DMC, and be a part of the family at DMC.